Take It Upon Yourself – or Not!

A natural, holistic health, and wellness space.

It’s ALL your choice – everyday.

Take It Upon Yourself

Lighten and transform.

Take it upon yourself to BE the best version of who you want to be. The version of YOU that’s in alignment with your Soul.

Be healthy, active, vibrant, energetic, joyful and HAPPY!

What’s in it for you? Abundant health and vitality and a whole new life! And a way of being with a whole new feeling of ease.

You only need a bit of time and willingness to learn and integrate new lifestyle changes into your daily routine.

Help yourself! You do not have to give your power over to anyone else. When you’re happy and healthy, you can give more to others.

Become your own wellness advocate! YOU know your body–better than any doctor could ever know your body–because you’ve been living in it all of your life! The more fine tuning you can do to guide your thoughts and accept responsibility for your health and well-being, the quicker you’ll discover a richer, more robust and vital LIFE!

Are you stressed??? Stress is the body’s reaction to thoughts you are thinking. Before you even sense a feeling of stress, your body has been tuning its cells, similar to how you tune in to a radio frequency, and already begun fighting an internal war. Then, when a little “bug” comes along, your body reacts to it, but because your immune system is tired and compromised from stress, your cells aren’t strong enough to fight the foreign contaminant. Radio Frequencies

The placebo effect is scientific proof of the direct correlation between the mind and body! So, evolving science has proven what prophets and sages have written about for centuries.

Sadness, anger, resentment, fear, and depression impact health. Negative emotions are only useful in short bursts to prompt action and turn you to what’s best for you. Negativity weakens your immune system if you remain in an unbalanced state for a prolonged period of time. But the great news is:YOUhave free will – and that means you have a POWERFUL choice!

Learn how to allow your mind to go with the flow in the moment before stress weakens the body systems. For a scientific study about the effects of workplace stress –> Click Here.

When you accept responsibility for your health and well-being, it affects us all.

Medications only treat symptoms. It is possible to naturally reverse many chronic diseases in the body! Let go of what doesn’t serve you and pick up some new thoughts and habits – then you will be better equipped to serve others.

 Think health, longevity and vitality while perusing each of the following links (in alphabetical order) that I highly recommend:


ACEP Energy Magazine

Agape – Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Alania Starhawk – We Believe In Light

Appleseed Health Foods

Autism Hope Alliance

Awakening Into The Sun – First weekend each March

Awakening Wellness Center

Barbara Brennan – School of Healing

Blue Canoe Organic Clothing

Blue Sage Pilates

Central Florida Raw Food

Chris Cade

Cindy Black’s Big Tree School of Natural Healing 

Conscious Shift Magazine

Cottonseed Casual Wear

Dan McDonald – The Life Regenerator

Dayna Wood – Integrative Counsel

Dr. Alison J. Kay, PhD

Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Len Bauduin

Dr. Ronald Porter at Metro Yoga

East West College of Natural Medicine

Ecoland Organic Clothing

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

Florida Integrative Medical Center

Gerson Institute

Gregg Braden

Healthy Traditions

HealthQuest Wellness Center

Hippocrates Health Institute

Holistic Network of Florida

In Divine Time

Institute of Noetic Science

International Institute of Reflexology

Ionie Retreat and Raw Food Cafe

Jade Tree Wellness Center

Janice Carlin, PhD

Jennifer Carey, Counselor

Johnny Oye, author of Monkey Brain

Jusuru “Not Just Another SUPER Juice!”

Lela Starseed

Living Healthy Institute

Markus Rothkranz

Mimi Kirk

Mindvalley Academy

Nathan Crane

Nick Ortner

Oh My Gauze Cotton Clothing

Olive Drab Farm

Patricia McGivern

Quantum University

Raw Food World

Robyn Openshaw – The Green Smoothie Girl

Roll for Fitness – Emily Stein

Sacred Stories

Sadhguru – Inner Engineering, A Yogi’s Guide to Joy

Shamanism Global Summit

Spiritual Cinema Circle

Suja Juice

Suncoast Jin Shin Jyutsu

Synergy Organic Clothing

The Grounding (Earthing) Movie

The Shift Network

The Tao of Holistic Living – Lama Nicholas Packard

Theosophical Society

Tim Ferriss

Tree of Life Center

Young Living essential oils (Distributor #1466165)


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Sheila shares as she learns and incorporates a variety of  holistic, natural, and alternative practices into her daily life guided by the flowing energetic thought: We Are All Connected

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One thought on “Take It Upon Yourself – or Not!

  1. “When you accept responsibility for your own health and well-being, it affects us all.” – Yes, yes, yes, yes, and YES!!!!! Thank you, Sheila, for saying the truth.

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