Health and Original Music Innovation

How can I possibly write about focus, intention, analysis, magic, soul spirit, and energy – under the heading of Health and Original Music without it totally becoming some mash up of unrelated and random thoughts? The sheer definition of the word “focus” seems to defy the ability to write an article such as I am attempting here.

I believe it’s possible to observe, experience, and identify all kinds of things in life. In fact, science is all about observing, identifying, and quantifying things in an objective manner. So when most people think in analytical terms, they are observing, experiencing (or testing), identifying, and validating things. To me, magic is created when seemingly unrelated things come together to create synergy. And synergy is energy – albeit an innovative form of energy. Taking apart some things and putting them together in a new and exciting way = innovation.

It seems every time I check out health related videos I find original music being played, either in the intro, as background, or closing music. It seems that while people are being creative in one art form, they can also be free to create in another. A lot of actors are musicians, and vice versa. Some musicians are also painters, sculptors, etc. I’ve linked to some examples for you – hear the original music playing for The Raw Life Health Show, and The Raw Food World. Also, the founder of Natural News TV is a musician – check out one of Rick Adams’ music videos. My artist musician husband has written a song about health too – it’s called, “Rockin for my Meds”.

So I pondered on the process of writing a song – since I’m such a “process person”. In order to write a song, you analyze a topic – this may include: pondering, wondering, researching, studying, investigating, meditating, praying, being still, and more). Then with focus and intention the song takes shape. As you play the song allow your soul and spirit to open, this gets the creative juices and energy flowing – and magic happens! You’ve created something that’s never existed before! Of course, it’s an art not a science because whether people like a song is completely subjective.

I work as a business technical analyst. I have to focus and work in a very detailed way. My work involves finding and analyzing data very intensely but also, I have to allow myself breaks so I can back away from the details and analyze the business process of what’s going on (in order to improve it). I document and diagram the process. I communicate to customers, management, project sponsors, and vendor partners. I have to ask myself and many others, thought provoking questions. That’s where I can get creative – in the asking. I communicate with others in order to validate my findings or keep work progressing. My analysis must always be objective however.

When someone is “in the weeds” of a project’s details it’s difficult to see the high-level process to improve it. I reach into my soul and spirit to keep me calm when stressful moments begin to build. Sometimes my work can energize me but sometimes I am drained (too many conflicting constraints and shifting priorities). My inner child feels as though a tantrum or too wouldn’t be half bad – my I know that wouldn’t be professional behavior. I often counsel with others to learn if I am missing something or if they know of another way around whatever obstacle is occurring. I seek to identify and validate. And through all of this I strive to be healthy. Health isn’t just a fit body that doesn’t experience illness. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Allowing myself time to honor my intentions, honor my focus, drive, ambition, and passion – all contributes to keeping me balanced and objective. Often we wear headphones and allow music to truly soothe the inner turmoil savage beast. And next time you go for a massage check out the music being softly played to calm you and put your body at ease.


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